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Collector Watch: Buy/Don't buy (NFL Pre-Season Edition)

'Tis the season for football, and as a collector of cards, seller, or both, you want to know who to buy and who to avoid. Every few weeks I'm going to bring you the names of a few guys who fit those categories.


1. Jerick McKinnon : An all-around athlete who is second only to the (albeit, legendary) aging running back Adrian Peterson. Not only is Peterson aging, but we don't even know for certain that he will be in a Vikings uniform next season.

I bring you McKinnon.

He's a quick-moving, pass-catching running back who is hungry to see the end zone more this year. With the mix of his potential - and current prices on his RC autographs (the $5-$15 range on eBay) - it's hard to pass them up!

2. Mike Evans: James Winston put up some high passing numbers last year and I expect that we will only see that grow this year. That means he'll have to be chucking the ball to someone, right? That man is Mike Evans.

Evans is a big bodied receiver that is able to pull in receptions over ball hawking defensive backs in a Calvin Johnson like fashion. That's right, I said it. Evans is here to fill the void that Calvin has left behind in the league.

Evans put up 1,206 receiving yards off of 74 receptions. The only thing truly lacking was in the touchdown category, which is something I assume to be a fluke. Certainly we will see him put up double digit touchdowns this season.

Don't buy:

1. Allen Robinson: Before you get all upset with me about this one, it isn't to say that he isn't a good receiver. I am simply pointing out that the season numbers last year inflated his prices to numbers that at most only allow for a slight profit margin. Even better receivers like Odell Beckham Jr have seen drops in values of cards following back to back great seasons. Wait it out, and buy when the market settles.

2. Jared Goff & Carson Wentz: The prices on top draft picks are always high, and both of these guys feel like backups this season. You wouldn't pay $100+ for an autograph of a guy you know is going to be your second string player, would you?

It's always exciting to grab high draft picks early and watch their season, but trust me when I say to wait. Your wallet will thank you.

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