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Why in the world would you want to sign up for another sports cards platform?

Because you can't afford to miss out on making money and building your collection so easily.

I was one of those people who had been hearing about Check Out My Cards for years- 4 years to be exact, and only recently did I make myself an account.

I wish that I had made one sooner, and I hope that this post encourages you to not miss out for as long as I did.

Check Out My Cards is a buying and selling platform, much like eBay, but it comes with specific benefits that the latter does not.

With COMC, you can either post your cards by sending them in to the company, or by simply purchasing from another buyer and having the listing transferred to your account.

Note that if you send in cards, you will be hit with listing fees, as they take care of the things you'd normally have to do yourself. See fees here:

The major benefit to COMC is that they own a large warehouse in which to store all the cards listed on their site, so as I mentioned above, you can purchase a card from someone and simply have the listing transferred over to your account page. With this option, there is no waiting on an order to arrive at your door, only for you to spend unnecessary time listing it. After the purchase, the only job you have is to put a new price on it, in a matter of seconds, and you can also have it shipped to you if you aren't looking to resell.

I have already seen the benefits of this time-saving form of listing. For example, on August 14th, I purchased five cards of Mookie Betts at $1 a piece. On August 15th, all five of those cards sold for $1.75 a piece- a profit margin of $3.75 for less than a minute of work. No shipping costs, no time spent packaging up cards.

COMC works best with these quick transactions of small margins. The time-saving along with the quick sales cannot be beat!

Aside from COMC being such an easy platform for selling, you are also able to connect it to your Upper Deck e-Pack account and transfer any physical cards obtained through e-Packs to your COMC account.

In conclusion, as a seller, one of the biggest pitfalls is time spent listing and packaging cards. I'm not saying that you should stop selling on other platforms by any means, but I am telling you that you need to take advantage of another selling platform that saves you so much time. In addition to this, by having accounts across various platforms, and selling in many different ways, you are creating a free billboard for yourself. Eventually people will begin recognizing your name and adding you to their list of sellers they know and trust.

View my COMC store here.

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