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September Collector Spotlight- Ben Hansen

Every month I will be doing an interview to spotlight a collector that I think brings something important to the collecting community. I am pleased to bring you my very first collector to be spotlighted. Also, be sure to check your inbox in case you're the next collector I reach out to!

Name: Ben Hansen

How long have you been in the hobby?

I used to collect when I was a teenager. I just loved sports, and sports cards were a natural extension of that for me. As a kid, I had a huge shelf of binders full of cards. But then, after high school, I kind of just stopped and fell out of collecting. About a year or so ago now, I re-entered the hobby, in large part because of my son Colin. He started to get interested in cards, and I wanted to get back into collecting with him.

What brought you into the hobby?

Again, my son Colin brought me back in. He loves collecting now, and it has been a blast helping him and getting back into the cards again for myself. I'm amazed at how far cards have come from the 90s, and early 2000s! But it has been an awesome experience getting back into the hobby, and especially the bonding that cards has brought for me and my son.

Do you remember the first card you ever got excited about? What was it?

The card I really got excited about was a card that my dad had. He used to buy complete sets, dating back to his childhood. But one of the last sets he had was 1989 Upper Deck with the famous Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card. Of the cards I had, the card that excited me the most when I first got it was a 95-96 Flair Kevin Garnett rookie. KG was the home team hero, and that was my 1st rookie of his I had. That card is still special to me.

Favorite sports to collect: Any and all. Even WWE.

Favorite teams: All Minnesota teams. Wolves, Vikings, Twins, Wild

What is in your personal collection?

All Minnesota teams, ex-Minnesota Gophers (Maxx Williams, David Cobb, Decker, etc), Robert Woods and Michael Floyd

If you could add one card to your collection right now, what would it be?

That Griffey RC. Or a 1/1 of Robert Woods or Michael Floyd. I'd say a Kirby Puckett rookie card, but the great Jeff Losee (@JeffsCards614) bought one for me.

Who are some guys/businesses in the hobby that you enjoy?

This answer could go on forever. There have been SO many great people I've met on Twitter from the card community that have been so cool to me and helped Colin and I out immensely. @Mwerlinger11 is at the top of that list for sure. As are you, Dan. What you continue to do to help and improve the community is amazing. A list, in no particular order of great guys @JeffsCards614, @jeff_thegreat1, @DCMailDay12, @gatorpk321, @Random_Guy43, @lonestarbbreaks, @APetrelak, @33Weelo, @Socoolie, @brownsfan83, @bthawks, @biggreddslc, and @BrilliantCards. That's a long list I know, and it's already leaving off a ton of great people. But if anyone reading this isn't following any of these guys, you definitely need to. My apologies to those I missed. But so many great people are in this community. It is truly like a big family, with people helping and looking out for each other.

How do you feel about the state of the hobby? Is there anything you'd like to see change/improve?

I think the state of the hobby is pretty good, for the most part. I see people helping and sending cards to kids, to help the next generation get into the hobby. And people spreading #hobbylove to others. With the great people this hobby has in it, I feel the state of the hobby is solid. As for changes, what I've noticed is there seems to be too many releases each year, and issues with redemptions that never seem to get fulfilled. I'd also like to see eBay 1/1's go away. Ha.

What is your main site/twitter handle if someone wants to connect with you?

@BenHansen1982 on twitter


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