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Buy now/Sell now: Football Edition

Before the season started, I brought you my first post of guys to buy immediately, and some to avoid purchasing. Today I bring you a new list of guys to buy now, and ones to sell now if you already have them.

Buy now:

1. Jerick McKinnon- Yes, once again, McKinnon lands on my buy list. He is quite affordable on eBay, and Adrian Peterson just suffered what may or may not be a serious injury. Either way, AP will not be used like usual this Sunday, and it is Jerick's time to shine.

2. Cody Kessler- It's not often that your 3rd string (not to mention, rookie) quarterback gets an opportunity to start in week 3, but that is how the cards have played out in Cleveland. Kessler has not had the opportunity to show us much in professional play, but it's hard to not be excited about a new quarterback getting a chance. The fact that he was 3rd string plays in your favor as his current autograph prices on eBay reflect that. Buying now is a boom or bust move, but if you're lucky, you can grab something from a listing that hasn't been updated since the announcement.

3. Stefon Diggs- In two weeks of season play, Diggs has shown that he is a play-making wideout. It won't be long before his prices skyrocket. Currently on eBay, you can grab some pretty solid cards of his for under $25 which allows for growth on your investment.

4. Leonard Williams- In Williams' first game, he put up 2.5 sacks, showing a hunger for getting to the quarterback. In game 2, although going without a sack, he had 4 tackles and one forced fumble. I'm not telling you he is the next J.J. Watt, but he does look bound for something great. Khalil Mack saw quite the spike in card prices after a big 2015, and I expect that we'll see the same before the end of the season for Williams. Right now, you can find some great, affordable cards on eBay.

Sell now:

2. Tyrell Williams- Another wide receiver that is starting to see more and more targets and increasing in sales prices each week! Last week, he put up 61 yards and a touchdown off of 3 catches. This evening, I listed my Contenders Rookie Ticket Auto of his. Within 10 minutes, I received four offers, and within 20 minutes it had sold for my full asking price of $15. As an undrafted rookie last year, his cards were coming cheap.

Hope this little guide continues to help you in both your collecting and investing. This little hobby is a cool community, and I'm here to help!

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