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Hey friends!!!

It's about time we had a giveaway. I just want to say, first of all how appreciative I am of how much you guys have blessed me by being a part of this takeover community.

I am also eternally grateful for how well-received the launch of this blog/website has been!

Now, time to get down to it. @BenHansen1982 and I are doing a co-giveaway. It's as simple as following the steps listed below.

1. Make sure you are following @BenHansen1982 and @dmntakeover on twitter!

2. Retweet the tweet found here

3. Leave a comment on this blog telling us what you love most about collecting.

Winner will receive $20 in Takeover credit, and the cards seen below!

Winner will be selected via on Sunday, 10/2.

Good luck!!!

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