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Dear Sports Card Seller, don't give up.

One of the major questions I receive into my inbox from other people in the sports card community is: "How can/will I ever get as big as you?"

The answer is patience.

First off, this takeover community is strong, but it's not even as big as some may view it. It's continually growing, but there are certain companies/sellers that are way bigger than myself.

I'm practicing patience too.

I'm not at my end goal, just like you aren't.

I don't think there should ever be an end, honestly. You should currently be stretching and stretching, and then stretching again.

The reason I say patience is the key is because no good business model has ever blown up without an ounce of work. Honestly, when I started doing takeovers, I was setting up and posting cards for two to three hours, only to come out with anywhere between $5-$20 in sales for all that work.

I did this for about eight months, before I saw any growth.

I didn't give up. I kept with the consistency of always being there for card collectors, even if it meant me losing money. If you lose sight of that, you'll get burnt out, begin hating something you actually enjoyed, and that inconsistency will destroy your business.

I knew that the only way I could ever have something great later in life was to grind now. And sometimes that grind is uncomfortable.

I still feel uncomfortable with the hours I put in sometimes, even now. But I remember just how important the consistency and patience was to getting me here, and how important it will be to the big picture. If I want this to be three times as big in two years, then that maybe means two hours less of sleep today, and a stretch to pay a few bills this week.

But in the end, the growth will pay off.

Dear Sports card seller, don't give up.

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