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How to find Sports Card Shows in your area

I've had a few people on twitter tell me that "it sucks" because there are never any card shows in their area.

I used to think this too, until I did some searching and found that has an online directory!

A few simple steps will get you all the info you need to be on your way to a show this weekend-

1. Go to Beckett's official website here.

2. Scroll to the very bottom of the page, and look for where it says "Beckett Media." Under this category, you will also find a clickable link titled "show calendar" as seen below-

3. Once you have clicked on "show calendar," again scroll down until you see a search bar. In this bar (seen below), you can enter a search by Venue, City, State, or Start & End date!

I hope this helped out at least a few of you on finding shows in your area- believe me, they're out there!

Now let's see what cards you're able to grab when you get there!

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