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Never forget: Charles Rogers

This blog kicks off a new series I'll be doing titled "Never Forget" where I will be reminiscing on a former professional athlete of some kind, more often than not one that showed a lot of promise, but fell off in some way.

To kick things off, we're talking about Charles Rogers.

Charles Rogers had a huge collegiate career as a Michigan State Spartan. Known for out-jumping defenders and pulling in catches, he often drew comparisons to none other than Randy Moss.

In 2003, he was selected 2nd overall by the Detroit Lions. In his first 5 games, Rogers caught 22 passes for 243 yards and 3 touchdowns. Unfortunately, in a practice following the 5th game, he broke his clavicle, and his career took a downward spiral.

It wasn't just the injury, it was all the legal troubles. Then, it was a broken clavicle again in the 2004 season. He was so distressed by the injury that the Lions allowed him to leave the team for the comfort of his home for the rest of the season.

From here, he failed multiple drug tests, leading to suspensions, and a swift exit from the NFL.

It is truly too bad that we never got to see what he could have become.

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