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NFL Week 6: Ups & Downs

3 Up-

The Redskins

After starting out 0-2, this team has rattled off four straight wins. The Redskins believe (notice I didn't refer to it as being factually correct) that Cousins is their guy, and in all fairness, in the past 4 games he's been very good- throwing for 8 touchdowns to only 3 interceptions. The defense has also been surprisingly solid, and Josh Norman seems to be fitting in well. Matt Jones has also been a big reason for their success over the past few games. After totaling only 85 rushing yards in his first 2 games, he has had 348 on the ground ever since. The ‘Skins quickly overtook the Eagles and are challenging the Cowboys. This division looks like it will come down to the very end of the regular season. Consistency will be key.


Just two weeks ago, I wrote about how big it would be if this team could win one of the next two games against teams thought to be playoff contenders; they won both. Now heading into the bye week, the Cowboys are 5-1, and with Romo coming back soon the debate begins. Zeke is obviously not going anywhere, and his continued success will be key to the Cowboys’ playoff chances. I've heard many different opinions on the Romo/Dak debate, but here's the one thing that sticks out to me. Remember when Romo had his best year? DeMarco Murray was running all over everyone, and as a result, Romo's play improved. Don't the Cowboys have that now with Zeke? Dak has been fantastic, don't get me wrong, but I think Romo can step in and pick up where he left off in 2014. This will be Dak's team in the future, but for now Romo has the experience and a great running back. Give him the keys.


This team is about as up and down as one can be. One week ago, they got demolished by a good Vikings team. Then this week they get a big division win against the Colts. A few weeks ago on Thursday night football, they were dismantled by Jacoby Brissett. Either way, 4-2 puts them on top of their division and two of those wins are within the division. The Texans need improvement in a few areas, but they definitely look like the strongest team in this division. The Colts look lost, and the Jags are about three seconds from firing Bradley. The Titans pose the only threat to them currently. They definitely Miss JJ on that line, but if they keep finding ways to win, all else will be forgotten. Winning disguises everything well. (Even not being a very good team).

3 Down-

Jets QB situation

A few weeks ago, Fitz was in the down column for throwing 6 picks. His play has yet to improve. The Jets were wise in sticking to only a one year deal. The Jets now turn to Geno Smith, who in the past has shown no sign of being a capable starting quarterback in the NFL. This sets a strange precedence for the Jets organization. It was just a few weeks ago that the headlines were "Geno believes he should be starting.” Now here we are a few weeks later and they went with it? It’s not a good look for a team to respond to the complaints of their backup QB. The Jets also have Petty and Hackenberg, who deserve a shot as well. It's time to see what you have on the team and start thinking of next year's draft.


As if losing a game to the Dolphins wasn't enough, they also lose Big Ben for a few weeks. The good news is Le'veon Bell is around, so if the defense can stiffen up a bit and Bell can hold together the offense, they should be fine. Landry Jones needs to take care of the ball and use Antonio Brown. Ben is slated to miss about a month or more due to surgery on his torn meniscus, and the next three games are against tough competition. The Patriots on Sunday, their division rival in the Ravens next week, followed by a strong Cowboys team. A 2-2 record coming out of that would be acceptable, while 3-1 would be ideal. A nice 4-2 record has them currently on top of the division, but the Ravens at 3-3 are right behind them. The game in 2 weeks between these two will be a big one.


Well, aren't we used to it by now? The Browns are once again cellar dwellers in the NFL. This past Sunday was probably one of their best chances to notch a win all season, losing by two to the Titans. Obviously this team is looking to next year already. The draft has quite a few QB’s coming out, and one of them needs to be a Brown. They missed on Manziel, and RG3 is the Derrick Rose of the NFL, so it is time to destroy and rebuild. With Watson, Chad Kelly and a few other solid QB options coming out, it’s time for the Browns to start scouting. They have one more chance left on their schedule to get a win (the Jets in a few weeks), but after that it looks like it may be hard to pull out a win on their remaining schedule.

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