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NFL Week 8 Ups & Downs

3 up-

Dak Prescott job status

A few weeks ago I wrote that the job was Romo's to lose. Romo's playoff experience and the success he had a few years ago in a similar situation with Murray should instantly propel him to the top of the depth chart when healthy. However, Prescott is playing well. Beating the division rival was a huge win, and the Cowboys are looking better and better week by week. The defense has also been playing well. The team looks complete, and with Dez returning from injury the Cowboys could be legitimate contenders to win the division. Up next is what should be an easy victory against the Browns. The Giants game looms on Dec 11th, which could be the deciding game in the division as the Eagles seem to be losing their mojo.

Marcus Mariota

After a rough start to the year, Mariota has quietly thrown 10 touchdowns to just one interception in the past 4 games for the Titans. The teams he has faced (Mia, Cle, Indy and Jacksonville) haven't been world beaters by any stretch of the imagination, but 10-1 through those 4 games with a 3-1 record is an encouraging sign for Titans fans. Beating teams that you're "supposed" to beat is the first step in rebuilding. The Titans still have a long way to go, but Mariota is showing the signs of growth you want to see from your second-year signal caller. The Titans also have two first round picks next year and will have the opportunity to get necessary weapons for the squad. There's a lot of season left, so it will be interesting to see how Mariota closes this out.

The Oakland Raiders

5-0 on the road and the Raiders are continuing to impress. Although getting penalized for more yards than anyone in NFL history, ever- the Raiders still pulled out the win in Tampa. Although it's obviously not a good thing to make an NFL record like that, the point is that when the deck was stacked against them, they pulled out the win. Crabtree, Cooper, and Carr are a lethal combination. The only thing this team truly lacks is a running game. Murray was supposed to have an even better year than last and has been disappointing. The running back by committee approach with Richard and Washington is fun, but not exactly ideal. Imagine if this team can grab a Dalvin Cook in the draft! Or Fournette?! A solid draft this off-season and we could be talking super bowl for this team next year.

3 down-

All of London

Dear London, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry we put that on the field in front of you. I'm sorry we gave you the Redskins and the Bengals, who really don't even have any fans here in the states.

The missed kicks were especially disappointing for you guys, I'm sure, seeing as how you guys do a lot of kicking and stuff... anyways. I'm also sorry we sent you Colts vs Jags, Rams vs Giants before the Bengals vs Redskins. That lineup in and of itself is torture for anyone who likes relevant football. Had you not tried to hold us captive all those years ago, maybe we could have sent you a good game. Finally, sorry for the last game ending in a tie. But then again you guys may be used to that whole "tie" concept, right?


Minnesota Vikings

After starting out hot as ever, the Vikings have come streaking back to Earth. Two straight losses- one to the Eagles (which is understandable), but this most recent loss to the Bears is strange. The Vikings thrive on turnovers, but couldn't force one on Monday night against a turnover- prone QB in Jay Cutler. Couple that with the sudden resignation of Norv Turner, and those two things spell trouble. I think the Vikings will be okay, but the once- formidable gladiator is starting to show small chinks in his armor. Let's see what Bradford can do without the offensive guru on the sideline.


They are 0-8, and blew one of the best chances to win all season. The Jets team they played isn't anything to write home about. With their remaining schedule, it may be hard to get a W. The Indians just blew a 3-1 lead, and Ohio State lost last week. It's been rough for Cleveland. They went and traded for a fantastic linebacker who will inevitably leave in the off-season, essentially mortgaging a third round pick for an eight game rental. I won't keep hammering on Cleveland sports. In all honesty, it's painful to watch. Good things that the Cavs season is underway.

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