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Dearest Blair Walsh: I'm sorry, but we are through...

Blair, you're a really nice guy and all, but this is the end of us.

I truly felt sorry for you when you missed that field goal in the playoffs last year. I can't imagine the pressure behind having to make that kick.

Plus, it's not like we haven't seen that happen before. Our old friend Gary Anderson broke our hearts once too.

It's just that the heartbreak you've been giving me and others hasn't stopped. Today I watched you miss a much needed extra point to tie the game. And then, there was the blocked field goal, which really isn't on you, but I was just working on getting over the last affair.

This relationship just isn't going anywhere. I mean, you've now missed two extra points. And aren't those supposed to be automatic?

It hasn't gotten better, and frankly, we can't have that uncertainty in the playoffs. I get nervous every time it's up to you to put points on the board, and that's not the kind of relationship I want with our kicker.

I'd drop a cliche' like, "It's not you, it's me," but it is you.

I'm sorry.

It was real.

I wish you the best.


P.S. Don't call, thanks.

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