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The Topps Chrome Football void: Can Prizm fill it?


It's our first year in a long time without Topps Chrome football.

Honestly, out of all the football product that Topps used to put out, this is the one I miss most.

I miss those colors, those refractors, etc. etc.

We do however, have Panini Prizm.

The question I have is if that product is enough to fill the void.

Truthfully, I have liked Prizm in the past (mostly for basketball), but I just haven't gotten into it quite yet for football. Admittedly, it's probably because I'm bitter at not having the option between the two.

If I catch any birthday money, I may just buy myself a box- the colors and refractors are like eye candy (much like Chrome).

The only holdup I have with the product, is that it's sticker-auto MANIA. You can see it in Panini's teaser post right here.

But enough of what I think. For those of you who have ripped some already, does it fill the Chrome void?

Let me know in the comments!

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