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NFL Week 9 Ups & Downs

3 up-

Richard Sherman

Well, it's not a secret that Sherman isn't shy. The guy always seems to be in the middle of it all. My first introduction to Sherman was everyone's favorite "I'm the best corner in the game" speech. Since then, Sherman hasn't failed to bring entertainment. Monday night football featuring the character that is Rex Ryan, combined with Mr. Sherman, was no different. After what was thought to be a dirty hit on Dan Carpenter during a kick, later found to be a routine play, (guess Sherman knows the rulebook better than us), Mrs Carpenter took to Twitter to voice her displeasure, and at the same time suggested that Richard should be castrated for the hit........ Yeah, I won't even go into how twisted that is. But Sherman won that battle too. He tweeted back at her, "Thank you! Have a good day."

You win Rich, you win.

Golden Tate (The Lions too)

Not only did he get the walk off against Minnesota, but be has also made himself relevant again. The Lions team started off the season with the offensive focus on Marvin Jones, and Tate fantasy owners everywhere lost their minds (including me). But in the last four weeks, Tate has 32 catches and 379 yards. Add in 2 touchdowns and Tate has been impressive. The first five weeks combined, he only amassed 17 receptions for 134 yards. Like Tate, the Lions started the season slowly (1-3), but have now rattled off 4 wins in the last 5 games. The Lions are missing a few key pieces, but have been able to put together a decent season so far. And with the Packers and Vikings faltering, Detroit could see its opening.

Big Blue (NYG)

It was a big win for the G-Men on Sunday against a division rival. The Giants are finally seeing all the money they put into the defense in Free Agency pay off. The defense has 6 picks and 7 sacks over the past 3 games. Manning is still having interception issues, but as long as that defense continues to ball out- no harm, no foul. The Giants fortunately have the tie breaker over the Cowboys, who are running at breakneck speed towards January football. As a result the Giants need to keep winning. No rest for the weary; keep winning and that Cowboys game on December 11th is sure looking like a fun one.

P.S. Allow me to brag on my PC player. My dude Landon Collins is absolutely balling right now. 32 tackles, 3 picks, and 2 sacks from the safety position over the last 3 games. My. Goodness. His first year in the league I loved watching him play and was confused when most suggested he was a bust.

3 down-

The 49ers

I don't know what to do with this franchise. They are absolutely terrible. After getting destroyed by the hapless Saints, the Niners fall to 1-7 on the year and begin looking towards the draft. The Browns, at least have extra draft picks to look forward to. The 49ers however, have nothing but the normal. The fact that they have zero play-making ability on either side of the ball, (besides Navorro Bowman), points a glaring finger at GM Trent Baalke. Not sure what you are doing with the picks bud, but, um, help? Chip Kelly's seat is getting warmer. Do they miss Harbaugh yet? I don't like the guy, but he sure made this team look good. Granted, they have lost a few key pieces, but still, Harbaugh would've been better than Chip by far.


It's incredible to me that Gus Bradley still has a job. The 2-6 Jaguars are a hot mess. There isn't any other way to describe them. They don't play defense, Bortles is struggling mightily, and they have virtually no difference makers on either side of the ball. I understand patience is key in the rebuilding process, (I'm a Bucs fan, trust me) but when does patience turn into foolishness and time wasted? Gus Bradley's overall record as a head coach is 12-38- that's not very good. He's had three years with the "quarterback of the future" Blake Bortles, and has had little to no success. Speaking of Mr. Bortles, is he, dare I say, *gasp* a bust? I honestly don't know what to believe with him, so I'll give you stats and let you decide. Bortles has thrown 60 TD's in his 3 year career, but he has also thrown 45 picks. His career completion percentage is 59%. Do what you will with those numbers, either way they don't win much. That has to say something.

Case Keenum

In a quarterback-hungry league, players are forced into positions that they are not suited for. Case Keenum is exhibit A. The guy has had a couple chances in the NFL, and time after time he has proven he just isn't a starting-caliber quarterback. The Rams knew this to be true, so they went out and drafted Jared Goff, essentially mortgaging the future in order to land "the guy," only to sit him behind Keenum. In his last four games Keenum has thrown for 5 TD's and 8 picks. Three of those touchdowns came against a hapless Lions defense who still managed to pick him off one time. I'm not really sure what management is doing for the Rams, but regardless, please for his own sanity sit the man. He's not playing well and he's simply not a starting quarterback. I understand the concept of letting the young guy hold the clipboard for awhile to learn, but guys, it can't get much worse. If this is what Goff is learning from is that even a good thing? Let Goff get out there, throw a bunch of picks (you're letting Keenum do that now) and learn from experience. Trial by fire. You have nothing to compete for. Let Keenum be a backup instead of out there getting booed by a ruthless LA fan base.

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