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XFL documentary coming this February

To some, it was too short-lived, to others, it should have never happened.

Whether you fall into the category of hating it, or were a part of the cult-following, ESPN is bringing us an intriguing documentary that tells the story of the massive, experimental failure.

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The league that featured 8 teams and adjusted football rules may have only lasted for one season, but it left a lasting impression among football fans for the years following its demise.

Perhaps, one of the most memorable parts of it was running back Rod Smart who wore the name "He Hate Me" (XFL players were allowed to have whatever they wish stitched on the back of their jerseys) on his uniform as a response to people who hadn't given him a true chance.

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I for one will be looking forward to seeing the documentary and learning some of the inside reasons that the league imploded.

The documentary is set to release on ESPN this coming February.

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