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A.J. Green is the most disrespected player in football

Maybe it's because he's not loud, doesn't talk smack, and doesn't knock over kicking nets with his helmet, but A.J. Green does not get the hype that he deserves.

Now, don't get me wrong we respect him in our fantasy football drafts, but as a collecting world, in my opinion, the value of his cards are too low.

This could be because of other scenarios- the Bengals just don't go very far in the playoffs. But I've seen other guys sell at high prices despite that (um, Odell, anyone?)

That means no disrespect to Beckham Jr, but we have yet to see Odell be as consistent as Green (which he could be, it's just too early to tell).

Green has put up 1,000+ receiving yards in each of his first five seasons. Do you understand how incredible this is to pull off?

It's more than just being good- it's extreme talent and durability.

Green unfortunately went down with an injury this past Sunday, but if back during the regular season, he is sitting at 964 receiving yards and certain to surpass 1,000 for a 6th straight season.

Why do you think his sales value isn't as high as it should be?

Let me know in the comments!

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