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How to alienate a fanbase

Photo Credit: ProFootballTalk

I’ve said before on many different occasions that Jeff Fisher is an overrated head coach. He has done nothing to warrant his seemingly sparkling reputation as one of the top coaches in the league. Sunday was just more proof of that, as the Rams got destroyed by a Saints team that isn’t one of the better teams in the league.

Offensively, it was only Goff’s second game and he seemed to play well, so I guess we can give him a pass. Defensively, Sean Payton tore apart his former defensive coordinator Greg William’s defense to make a statement that was heard loud and clear. The game however, wasn’t even the beginning of the team’s problems this week. Eric Dickerson, a Rams Hall of Famer, has been banned from the sidelines because (per Jeff Fisher's request), “he makes the players uncomfortable”. Uncomfortable? Because obviously, at 4-7 the team's primary concern should be the comfort of the players. Look, I’m not a Rams “insider,” but I’m also not stupid; that is Jeff Fisher lying through his teeth because he doesn’t like being criticized. The Rams organization does realize this is LA right? This isn’t St. Louis anymore. The media market in Los Angeles is the second biggest one in the country, and the Rams just got here.

The team doesn’t have much going for them right now, and having a legend like Eric Dickerson on the sideline lent to the excitement of the fan base. “Hey look, there’s Eric Dickerson, remember when we were good?” In a new market that’s exactly what you need- something to spark hope in fans and bring about a nostalgia that sells tickets. The LA media market doesn’t give grace when it comes to losing either, keep losing and the fans won’t buy tickets. I mean, a 4-7 team should be allowed to be criticized if it lights a fire in them, and wouldn’t you rather it be by a former Rams football player who also happens to be in the hall of fame AND happens to have played on the team when they were in Los Angeles? The situation is like when Cam was a happy human being, (you remember those days right?) and people didn’t like his celebrations in the end zone, and he simply said “you don’t like it? Stop me.” The same applies here. You don’t like being criticized Jeff? Win. Simple as that. This whole situation is completely ludicrous and distracts from the very real probability that Jeff Fisher won’t have a job after this season ends.

As the season comes to an end and the Rams have nothing to play for, yet again, (in 5 seasons under Jeff Fisher they are 31-43), let’s hope for the sake of Rams fans, (wherever they are hiding) that Goff continues to grow. There are a couple head coaches out there that would fit the Rams well, but for now I guess we get to watch Jeff Fisher tell Hall of Famers he doesn’t appreciate their criticism… as they get handed L’s. The situation for the organization isn’t pretty. They need immediate changes if they expect to thrive in Los Angeles.

P.S As of this morning, Kevin Demoff hinted that Fisher would be back next year...That would absolutely blow my mind.

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