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Sports Card Company Spotlight: Legend Lockers

Recently, I had the pleasure of giving a sports card site that I was previously unfamiliar with a shot. Legend Lockers is a site where you can buy guaranteed hits in blind packs for different levels of prices, and of three different kinds of sports (baseball/football/basketball).

I went into the site with $25 to spend, and bought myself a "starter pack", a "hit pack", and a "supreme pack." Each pack guarantees one hit (#d, auto, or relic). These are the pulls I had:

Overall, the experience is a very quick one. You pick the pack you want, and the hit pops right up when you open it. With that said, it could be very easy to spend a lot of money on this site (Which is not necessarily a bad thing).

Once you have obtained your hits, you have the option of either having the cards sent to you for a shipping fee, or placed on legend lockers' marketplace for sale or trade. I decided to put my hits up on the marketplace for the time being, but may end up shipping them to myself once I have gotten more cards.

As I said before, the experience was fleeting, but it's one that I'd participate in again. One thing I'd enjoy seeing from the company is the addition of packs that are a mix of base/#d/hits from random years/products of a sport, because for my tastes, I enjoy an extended experience in opening packs.

However, that doesn't take away from how cool this concept is, and the growth that this company could have in the future.

I most certainly encourage you all as collectors to at least give them one shot. When you think about it, you could buy a pack of cards at target for nearly the same price (or a box), but not get a guaranteed hit out of it.

And if you're wondering just how good of hits you can get on the site, I encourage you to check out their instagram, as one cool thing they do is post a nearly-live stream of every hit pulled on their site by a user. This will give you a good example of the range of hits that can be pulled.

But what are you waiting for? Hit up now and at least get your account setup! The packs sell fast, so you'll want to be checking in frequently!

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