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The cards that brought me back to the hobby

2011 was the year that I came back into card collecting.

I had been on an extended break from sports cards before that. Years off from buying anything, opening any packs, or even looking through the cards I had obtained as a child.

I don't think I ever lost the passion for it, I just got too busy. There was probably even a part of me that thought it wasn't cool, and something I needed to hide (which is false, but I was in high school, so give me a break!)

Anyways, that all changed after I stumbled across videos of box breaks. I had NO idea what these things were at first, but I was sucked right in.

I wasn't even buying into them- I was just watching Cards Infinity's videos of the breaks for other people.

I saw him break some 2011 Inception football one day, and I was enamored with the patches in the product.

Then, I saw him open some 2011 platinum football, and I KNEW that I needed to try two boxes for myself.

I grabbed a couple boxes for myself from Dave & Adam's Card World and couldn't contain my excitement for their arrival.

Soon enough, they were delivered to my door. I remember the experience of opening those boxes. I literally loved every card I pulled. It was just like being a kid again, ripping packs.

The cards were shiny, and I loved the design. The autographs were even cooler, and the patches couldn't be beat.

It has to be one of my most favorite products that I have ever opened, to this day.

Last year I even bought a box to get the same experience again, and I felt that same exact buzz.

If it wasn't for the videos from Cards Infinity, and 2011 Topps Platinum football, I may have never re-entered the hobby, and as we all know, then there would have never been a Takeover.

Now, I am working on adding every autograph and patch card from the product to my PC, and I'm off to a pretty good start!

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