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Takeover Talk- a new facet to the DMN Takeover community

Today, I am pleased to formally announce a new aspect of the DMN Takeover community!

I bring you, "Takeover Talk."

This is going to be your opportunity to bring any questions to me via twitter, using the hashtag #takeovertalk

If you are on facebook, feel free to send me questions too, but I really encourage you to use twitter to do so!

I will be looking thru these questions, daily, and will be releasing videos via youtube answering your questions!

These could be questions specifically about sports cards, or the community, or just my life in general!

This is also an opportunity to ask me about specific tips or questions on collecting, marketing, and selling within the sports card/social media world.

I hope to use this as a platform to allow you to get to know me more as a person, and not just as a twitter handle. I also hope that in answering these questions, I can bring further value to the sports card community, and especially to the Takeover community.

So, let's get those questions rolling!!! Don't forget to tweet at me using the #twittertalk hashtag, and I'll get answering!

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