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Happy 22nd Birthday, Andrew Wiggins!

It is officially the 22nd birthday of one of my most favorite players in the NBA right now, Andrew Wiggins!

The young man has already had himself quite a career since he entered the league in 2014; putting his name alongside some greats in statistics!

Let's celebrate his birthday by just observing some of the things he's pulled off before his 22nd birthday:

-being a #1 overall pick

-In February, he passed up Isaiah (J.R.) Rider as the 8th all-time Wolves' leading scorer

-In his first 220 games, he has already outscored Kevin Garnett's first 220 games by 385 points! (Garnett is the all-time leading scorer in Wolves' history).

-As a 22 year old, he trailed only Lebron, Durant, and Carmelo for most points scored before that birthday

-His last two games have been 40+ points

-His team finds themselves in a legitimate run for a playoff spot

-He looks to be one of the future standout stars in the league (not surprisingly, his teammate Karl-Anthony Towns looks to be one of the others).

All in all, it has looked like an impressive beginning for the young star, and he has also managed to stay pretty healthy through his first three seasons!

So, from me and the rest of your fans, Happy Birthday, Wiggins!!!

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