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Dig out those Mike Glennon cards!

Free agency kicks off officially tomorrow, and that means that we're going to see tons of names in new jerseys. Whenever a new signing happens, it brings about a new buzz for a player-even one who hasn't been buzzing in awhile.

One of those names is Mike Glennon. You can already see his cards rising in listed prices on eBay, all in anticipation of where he may land.

I think it's time to dig those Glennon cards out (Assuming you decided to hold onto them). He's going to get a contract with a team that is looking for their new starting QB, and the moment he signs could be the time to sell.

That's not to say that he couldn't end up being a decent starter, and we end up seeing his cards prices increase even more. However, this would be the time to make him a low-risk profitable flip.

I'm not the only guy that thinks he could develop into something. Dan Orlovsky had this to say:

Opportunities for guys like this are what make collecting and selling fun, and show why it is important to not just dump a player's cards so quickly. It's fun to hold onto a guy's cards and watch his career unfold.

Anyways, Glennon isn't the only guy to dig out cards of that you have stashed away.

This year's free agency is looking to be a fun one to watch!

Happy collecting!

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