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The value of pre-draft Football cards

Over these next few weeks, we will be seeing product releases by Leaf and Sage.

These releases are debated among collectors all the time as to if they are good products, or not.

The positive is that we get our first rookie cards of players, and our chance at autos of them before they get drafted.

It is really fun to open packs of those products and find a big name, or even one you didn't know. It forces you to do research on that player, watch old videos, and then makes it exciting to see where they land in the NFL draft.

The downside is that these companies have little licensing, so you will find players in college uniforms, without logos on them.

Hear me out, though. There is value as a seller of sports cards in buying these products early.

People get so excited about the draft or the first cards of their favorite collegiate players, that early on in the release period for these cards, the cards sell high.

The closer you get to the draft, the riskier, though. Prices could spike or plummet, all based on where the player is selected.

I believe that the sweet spot for selling and buying is buying right when the product releases, and selling before the draft. (Unless of course, you really want the card, then by all means KEEP THE CARD! We are collectors too, after all.)

What I personally like to do is rip and flip the products, and then save the money up for when NFL licensed cards come out after the draft. Then I can pick and choose which players I want to buy cards of in their actual NFL uniforms with the profit I made off of the Pre-Draft cards.

So, is there value in buying pre-draft cards? ABSOLUTELY.

Just buy and sell smart and timely!

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