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The best places to purchase cards

Lately, I've been getting a lot of messages from people wondering where I buy all of my DMN Takeover inventory.

I've got two ways that I go about it: Local Card shows & Ebay.

I think that one mistake that a lot of sellers make is in buying too many boxes of cards. In all honesty, it is a pure gamble to rip & flip, unless you are being very smart about it.

I RARELY purchase a hobby box, and when I do, it is mostly for the enjoyment of opening the box. It is a fun reminder of what collecting is about: Enjoyment.

However, when I am looking for inventory to sell to you all, I am going very carefully over cards at shows and online.

Ebay is a great source for purchasing lots made up of autographs and game used, but you have to spend some time calculating out what you think you can actually make off of the purchase, and you have to be careful to spend within your means.

DO NOT get yourself wrapped up in things like Paypal Credit, just to buy things, or you will not be profiting by the time all that interest slaps you in the face.

Card shows are nice, because you don't have to pay shipping on your purchases.

The one thing that I have noticed about local card shows is that cards are rarely priced at value. They are both overpriced, and underpriced big time.

I have purchased and autographed card /25 from a guy for $3 before (way underpriced), and I have also come across table after table of guys who have cards I know I'd be able to move at around $5 priced for $20 ore more.

When a card show is good, it's really good! Nothing beats going on the search, hanging around other collectors, and coming home with a sweet haul.

But when they're bad, they're rough- big time.

That's where Ebay can be nice again, because you can be searching through potential purchases with the game on in the background with little time investment.

All-in-all, it's whatever works best for you. Find your niche, find your rhythm.

Be smart with your purchasing and selling, and above all, never forget to keep having fun with the hobby.

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