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Buy Now: Sterling Shepard

Buy Now: Sterling Shepard

Free Agency is a funny thing in how it can immediately change the value of a player for better or worse, just by changing teams.

In some cases, a player’s stock can rise because of another player that joined their team.

That’s the case for the young Shepard. The Giants just added Brandon Marshall to the receiving core. One that is already strong from the electrifying Odell Beckham Jr.

So much focus was paid to Beckham last season, that it opened up opportunities for Shepherd on the playing field, and now defenders are going to have to focus on Brandon Marshall as well.

I think that this opens up the opportunity for a huge year for Shepard. With this potential, comes the potential for his cards to be on the rise in value.

Don’t wait too long to snatch up some of his cards, though. I expect we’ll see an early spike in this upcoming season.

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