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Buy Now: C.J. Fiedorowicz

That's right.

I'm not claiming that Fiedorowicz is going to make you rich, but I am suggesting that he is a solid and inexpensive investment for your collection at this point in time.

The Texans are in an interesting spot right now. They have a brand new and exciting rookie quarterback in Deshaun Watson, and someone needs to catch passes from him.

I'm expecting that we will see the biggest season yet out of Fiedorowicz, and let me tell you why.

A lot of attention is paid to DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller on the defensive end, and Braxton Miller is an up-and-coming receiver as well. This is going to remove attention off of the tight end, with such high-flying receivers tearing down the field.

Fiedorowicz can then thrive in this situation. Not only will the receivers be taking defensive pressure off of him, but the rookie quarterback is going to be looking for a safety valve receiver in moments of pressure, or just to get into a good roll on passing plays. Fiedorowicz is well equipped for this situation, too!

In his four year career, C.J. has caught 63% of the passes thrown his way, and last year that translated into just over 550 yards and 4 touchdowns for him.

If I had to make a guess, we'll see closer to 800+ yards and 8 touchdowns from the young tight end. If the Texans put together a decent season, this will also mean a rise in the value of his cards, which currently, you can grab at very decent prices.

A quick eBay search will show you that most of his rookie autographs sell in the range of $3-$10 (a small risk for a possible flip in this coming football season.)

I know that I'll be stashing a few away.

Best wishes in collecting and selling, but most of all, make sure to keep the hobby fun!

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