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3 tips on standing out in the hobby

Diving into your own business can be a scary thing to begin with, and even when you are confident enough to do so, it comes with intense challenges.

My business is in sports cards, and to be quite honest, it's an oversaturated market. The sports card subculture has tons of breakers, brick and mortar shops, online shops, eBay, card shows, etc. etc.

This doesn't mean, however that you can't find your way in and establish yourself in the community sucessfully.

Before I go any further, I must state that for something like sports cards, I think it is very important to make sure that you first identify as a collector. I think it is harmful to the hobby to only be in it for the money. That doesn't mean you shouldn't want to make money, just make sure that you enjoy the hobby too.

Here are three ways to stand out amongst the oversaturation.

1. Be yourself and be personable:

Everyone has a story, and letting people get to know YOU is a very meaningful move for your business. You need to be so much more than a cold seller. You need the warmth of conversation and community. This means that it is very important to talk to others, even when they aren't buying from you, and to get to know others in the hobby.

2. Doing what you do to the best of your ability:

Okay, before you say, "No duh, Dan" to this one, hear me out. Sometimes, it's hard to think of an original idea, so if you can't, it's especially important to do whatever you choose to do EXTREMELY well. You will be up against others already doing what you do, and already doing it on the same platform, or in the same way.

Make sure you're treating others right. Make sure you're shipping on time (I admittedly need work on this!). Make sure you're putting out quality work.

This will make you climb the ranks in no time!

3. Never stop brainstorming:

It's easy to get comfortable, or stuck in a way that you've been doing something. Whether your current plan is going well, or not, never stop brainstorming how to change or grow off of that. When I first started, I just sold on eBay, then I started to kind of use twitter (but left my cards on selling platforms), then I went all in on twitter, and now I do a balance of both.

All of these moves got me to where I am today, and I still have so much further to go! But, I owe those adjustments to my brainstorming and willingness to adapt and know that what worked for me at one time might not be the best for me now.

I hope that all of you find success in whatever work you do, whether it be cards, a coffee shop, or another type of business you start or are a part of.

Please, always feel free to hit me up on twitter with any questions you have as well! I am here to help!

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