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Collector Pro Tip: Keep your Rookie Ticket autos together

I cannot stress this enough. Before you do anything else organization-wise with your collection today, grab all of your Panini Contenders Rookie Ticket autograph cards, and put them together in some form of organization that works for you.

I can't tell you how many times over the years I've watched a guy have a huge game, only to wonder if I truly have his rookie ticket auto somewhere in my piles of cards, while watching those that knew where they were sell them for a huge profit on ebay, as I'm left wondering if they were truly in my mess of a collection or not.

For whatever reason, when a player does well, their rookie ticket autos seem to be the most valuable thing out there, so I believe it's a mistake to not have these organized and easy to find in the event that you need to access them at a moments notice.

Happy collecting, my friends!

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