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Why Leaf Metal Draft Football cards are a good investment

Okay, okay, now that you've laughed at the title, hear me out really quick.

Remember that "quarterback" Geno Smith? Once upon a time, when his rookie autos in Leaf came out, people were grabbing them for outrageous prices on ebay. I'm talking $75+.

Why? Because of the excitement behind the unknown, and the first release of upcoming rookie autographs.

Here's where the investment idea comes in.

If you buy them early (release date week), you can flip these puppies for those kinds of prices. But the trick is doing it as quickly as possible.

The closer and closer we get to the products releasing that have the rights to putting NFL uniforms on the rookies, the lower and lower the value of the Leaf cards become.

But as long as they are some of the only rookie autos out there (sorry SAGE), they reign supreme.

Also, it's kinda fun to pull these cards and speculate over where the guys will get drafted.

Leaf Metal Draft Football releases on March 28th, and I fully intend on grabbing some boxes to rip & flip immediately, and save that profit towards the cards I want later in the year.

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Happy collecting!

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