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Buy Now: Zay Jones

Someone pointed out to me the other day that last year I made a big call when I made Devin Booker a "Buy Now" post, and they were wishing that they had followed my advice just before he became the youngest player ever in the NBA to put up 70 points in a game.

That made me realize that I should do more of these posts, and that leads me to today.

Zay Jones is a buy now player for me right now, and I think he should be for you too.

He was quite the prolific and multi-faceted player in College, and has a lot of room to develop in the NFL as he is coming up on his second year.

Jones had a pretty pedestrian rookie season (316 yards, 2 tds), but this is to our advantage. This just means that we can grab his cards for cheap now, before he takes off.

It will be interesting to see if a quarterback change in Buffalo helps launch his career, but I think despite that, he's bound for some major progress.

He's quick, he can throw passes, he runs the slant well, and has breakaway speed. If they utilize him well, he'll make the most of it, of that I am sure.

Head to Ebay now, and you'll see that you can grab his rookie autograph for anywhere in the $5-$15 range (depending on the product), and even high end or patch autos still fall in the affordable realm.

My advice is to keep a close watch on auctions on his autos, as many of them are ending pretty low. Win a few of those, set them aside until mid-season and thank me later.

Happy collecting!

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