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An unexpected weekend with Gary Vaynerchuk!


This Saturday was a pretty unreal one. Last week, we got news that Entrepreneur/Mastermind/Mogul Gary Vee was looking to get back into the Sports Card world, and that led into him running a little sports card sale of his own on Saturday.

As someone who has been formulating this exact thing for twitter over the last three years, I immediately wanted to reach out to him.

The unreal thing about it, is that we actually got his attention!

You guys are one of the strongest and most rad card communities out there! I definitely couldn't have done it without you guys!

I shot him a message about wanting to get together with him to discuss how we can really boost the growth of the Sports Card industry, and although I don't expect a reply (considering the amount of messages he probably receives daily), I feel blessed to even be on his radar.

I cannot thank you guys enough for all the positive tweets that you guys sent him about me. You put in work for me, and he listened. I caught the follow, got a tweet from him, and then I took my shot.

As of this very moment, the tweet that I sent out about trying to get a hold of him is sitting at 105k views!!!

That is truly unreal, my friends! I am so grateful for you all!

Happy collecting, my friends!

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