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My 2018 advice for basketball card success in 2019.

Remember in 2017, when it was nearly impossible to find Panini Prizm blaster boxes for basketball, but how valuable it was when you came across even one in your local commercial store?

My prediction is that it's going to be that, but on steroids for 2019 Prizm basketball.

I also predict, that even when those are flying off the shelves, and the prices are inflated, that it will still be a smart move to grab some every so often off of sale platforms like eBay.

The draft class that will be in 2019 Prizm will be unreal, and I don't think that this recent class even holds a candle.

With players like Zion Williamson, R.J. Barrett, Cam Reddish, Quentin Grimes, Bol Bol, and many more; the Silvers that can be pulled from this product are going to be selling at unreal prices.

Now, here's my bit. I'm not big on breaking, or opening packs for myself- that's just me. It can be super fun in small doses, but you've got to accept that opening something and not knowing if it will be "good" or not is part of the fun. Get too wrapped up in the chase, and the disappointment that can come with, and you're now addicted, and not having fun.

But I digress.

Panini's Prizm is just one of those products that year after year, whether it be basketball, or football, seems to be a product that holds value. Especially now that we no longer have Topps Chrome for a few sports (r.i.p.)

My suggestion to you is that you start acting like every day you're buying an imaginary coffee for the next year. Take $2, and stick it into an envelope labeled "PRIZM."

In 365 days, you will have $730 in that PRIZM envelope, and if for some reason, you like the fancy-shmancy imaginary coffee drinks, put $3 in each day, and you'll have $1,095 and none of the calories from that imaginary whipped cream!

Now, this teaches you a lesson you never wanted to learn, as well. You now know how much money can be spent on coffee in a year. Ouch!

But back to the important stuff! Now you'll have anywhere from $730-$1,095 saved up that you can invest as you please in ripping and flipping 2019 Prizm Basketball cards (or even unopened blaster boxes as we saw that as a successful endeavor in 2017 as well).

And that, my friends, is my 2018 advice for success in 2019.

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