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*Update* Takeover Rules! 5/21/2024

*Takeover Rules* Updated 5/21/24!

Rules for the takeover: -If you see a card you want, simply tweet "sold", or some word along those lines at it. If you got it, I'll favorite your tweet -Stacks payments are due every Saturday- If you want to take advantage of bulking up on the $4 Flat shipping, you can pay and put "hold stack" & your twitter handle in the payment note, and then just message me whenever you're ready for me to ship your stack :) -A non-paying strike will disqualify you from participating in takeovers, until the $10 unlock fee is paid to be allowed back in -Only pay in goods & services (and please make sure your address on paypal is current, as I print labels directly from there) -Shipping is $4 flat (U.S.), no matter how many cards you grab!!! International shipping is according to exact cost. -Once an order has been shipped/scanned in by USPS, I cannot be held liable for loss or damage by USPS or the place of delivery ***USPS offers insurance coverage, and I encourage you to take advantage of that with me***


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